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Swimming pools are excellent facilities to have in a house as they serve an array of purposes while its benefits are numerous. Owning a swimming pool does not have to be restricted to exceptional swimmers, as you can always enjoy the benefits of swimming even if you are an amateur. Owning a pool gives you a unique way of keeping in shape while enjoying your leisure time.

Asides this important benefit, swimming pools also serve as a luxury decoration item to your home, serves as a pleasant way to pass the time and helps you save on spending extra cash on hotel pools.

However, with these benefits comes some extra responsibilities such as swimming pool maintenance, extra cost for insurance, and others. Owning a pool is not just about swimming in it. You have to make sure your pool is clean and always safe for swimming. Achieving these can be a very tedious, time consuming job because maintaining and cleaning your pool requires some work that might waste your time. However, with the right tool, perfect plan and consistency, cleaning and maintaining your pool become much easier.

What is Swimming Pool Maintenance and How To Maintain A Pool?

The question I get most is how to maintain a pool? A clean pool does not just come by itself; you have to work for it. Maintaining your pool involves certain activities like cleaning, collection of debris and sand filtering to ensure the safety of your pool for swimming. Proper pool maintenance does not just prolong your fun in the sun. It also helps to improve the quality of your pool while extending the life circle of your pool’s external parts and interior finish.

Keeping your pool clean doesn’t always have to be a stressful job. The level of difficulty you face during maintenance of your pool depends on different reasons- size and conditions like the disinfection mechanism adopted, water temperature and cleaning system used. All these affect the approach taken when maintaining your swimming pool and can determine the number of efforts required for a successful clean up.

How often do I Need to Clean/Maintain my Pool?

Like we said earlier, some factors affect the maintenance approach adopted when cleaning or maintaining our pools because there are various types of swimming pools and they differ in functionality and size which also means the external parts and internal finishes vary. Hence, the difference in approach.

Monthly Pool Maintenance

The question of how often you need to clean your swimming pool is a tricky one to answer because cleaning a pool is not a simple, straightforward task. However, every pool shares something in common-: The secret to a clean and safe pool is regular and consistent care. You should make sure to have a consistent monitoring of your pool, ensuring there are no floating objects on it. In addition to the daily routines, you should create a regular monthly pool maintenance schedule for other necessary parts of the pumps, tiles, and vacuuming.

Why Do I Need to Keep my Pool Clean?

Asides the physical look of your pool, the cleanliness of your pool helps to guarantee working condition of your pool. More importantly, a clean pool contributes to the safety of its swimmers. Failing to maintain your swimming pool can cause some unwanted illnesses and risks for your family members. Here are some things cleaning your pool can help you avoid:

  • Germs and Contaminants
  • Algae
  • Poor appearance
  • Clogged pool pumps

All these serve as a major health threat to your family, especially when poorly maintained.

DIY Tips for Maintaining Your Pool:

Conducting your own swimming pool maintenance yourself can be a very stressful activity, especially when poorly planned. However, by utilizing a well-planned schedule, following the right process and using the right tool, this should not be as hard as people paint it to be. Here are some tools to help you keep your pools clean and safe with ease and you can also find some at the pool supply store near you such as leslies pool supply store.

Pool Skimmer: This is a must-have tool for any pool owner as it can be used to skim the top of your pool, helping your remove leaves, bugs and other harmful floating objects on the pool. You should be going for a skimmer with adjustable poles as they allow you adjust the length depending on your pool’s size.

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Pool Vacuum: This is another must-have tool as it helps to remove the dirt which is deep in your pool, where the skimmer can’t reach. You can also purchase a long hose along with this vacuum. Ensure you are buying sturdy products that guarantee effectiveness for a long period.

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Pool Brush: This tool is useful for keeping your pool walls clean. We advise you get a brush that can be easily attached to a pole as this will help you reach the pool floor. They are available in the pool shop and usually come in different sizes and product quality, depending on the expected usage.

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Pool Water Test Kit: This is an essential item every pool owner should have. This tool is used on a weekly basis to monitor the chlorine and Ph levels, and you will want to remain updated on these levels to ensure your pool remains safe to swim in.

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The tools stated above are essential tools to have a DIY maintenance. However, you can also use the service of a professional company for your pool maintenance. This helps to make things very easy as you don’t have to worry about constant monitoring of your pool.

Common DIY Mistakes to Avoid

If you are looking to do your swimming pool cleaning service yourself, then you have to be at the top of everything as regards your pool. You have to be aware of your chlorine and Ph levels, make sure your pipes are free from leaves or algae and more. However, this can be a very stressful work which leads to some mistakes. Here are some mistakes you must avoid if doing a DIY maintenance.

  • Allowing pH to get above 8.0
  • Not cleaning the cells in Saltwater systems
  • Backwashing your sand or DE filters too often
  • Failing to clean your skimmer basket
  • Inadequate brushing of your pool walls and tile downs
  • Not running pumps long enough
  • Not replacing broken or missing drains

Maintaining your pool is an important activity and should be taken very seriously because it determines the longevity of your pool and the safety of the swimmers and family members who use the pool. However, keeping your pools clean on a regular basis can be very tedious. To avoid the stress of maintaining your pool yourself you can type “pool service near me” in to the search engines. You should be able to find a professional pool service companies you can hire one.

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